Public Services

Non-Profit & Charity
Above-Us is committed to helping others. We donate time and resources to various non-profits and charity organizations that have direct impacts on our community.

Local Non-Profit organizations are encouraged to contact us to learn about how we can support your mission.

Disaster Relief
Our drones and personnel have volunteered for search and rescue missions throughout Tennessee and the east coast. Our drones are recognized by many of our local first responders and serve through disaster response organizations and local interests groups.

Event Security
Our aerial views, A.I. analytics, and telemetrics provides clients with real time data from public events such as protests, fairs, festivals, gatherings, parties, and concerts.

Aerial Enforcement
Our multi-use intercepter drones can prevent unauthorized intrusions into a secured airspace and can be deployed to enforce municipal restrictions where safety and security are threatened by other drones.

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Enterprise Drones

From racing and photography to engineering and emergency response - we can design and build your next drone to suite a variety of needs.

Our drones are made to order and will help take your business to new heights. We have a wide range of expertise and are committed to helping you design the best drone solution for your need.

All clients must provide appropriate FAA, FCC, HAM, Insurance, and other credentials that may apply to your project during commission.

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Estate Services

Aerial views and 3D Scans are the best way to show off your property. Whether it's a single-family residence or a sprawling commercial center, our aerial media can give potential buyers, customers, and patrons an immersive, up-close look at your property with details like never before.

We offer residents, real estate agents, artists, and businesses the highest quality media licencing at an affordable price.

*Highest resolution photographs: 56MP @ 600 PPI

*Highest resolution videos: 16k [15360 × 8640] @ 24FPS

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Custom Aircraft

Estate Services

Public Services