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We provide high tech services for small buisiness budgets.

Above-Us is a Veteran owned maker-space in downtown Clarksville - established in 2015 by firefighters and college students wanting to provide access to new technology and specialized services for Montgomery County’s First Responders.
A Maker-Space is a workshop for individuals with common interests in computer and technical sciences to collaborate and achieve shared goals.

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Our team collaborates to bring ideas to life and have a meaningful impact on our community.

We share equipment, expertise, work, and commissions to offer an array of services and products to our clients that they cant find elsewhere.

Membership Includes:

  • No Membership Fees
  • Workshop Access
  • Resource Pools
  • Support Programs & Tools
  • Professional Software Licences
  • Commission Based Income
If you have experience in STEM, Digital Arts, and/or Aviation and want to explore the limits of creative freedom, reach out to us to get involved.

By 2050,

there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Buisiness Insider

16,000 +

Delivered after wild fires.


When recycling failed prints & materials.


Our plastics come from plants.


We contribute to the grid.

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  • I.T. Services

  • Our Specialties:

    • Repairs
    • Software
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    • Security
    • Networking
    • Web Design
    • Automation

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Landmarks, Addresses, or even GPS Coordinates

Classes, seminars, and workshops have been suspended because of the on-going health crisis.

Contact us to schedule private or small group sessions.

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Fall 2020

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